Player Spotlight: Evan Windham

Player Spotlight | Evan Windham

Position: Defender

Hometown: Lago di Como, Italy


What are your thoughts on the atmosphere, players, and environment at Brilla?

So far this summer, my experience here in Clinton has been great to say the least. The amount of unconditional love we receive from the Bryant family, churches, fans, and local families who make amazing home cooked meals for us, is something that I will cherish for a very long time. Needless to say, we have an incredible set up here at Brilla. Individually, I feel like this has been the most professional environment I’ve ever been a part of. Every single individual in this organization pours their all into these few months of the summer to allow us players to have such an experience. More so, I am surrounded by such influential individuals who aspire to be better players, coaches, fathers, spouses, brothers, and overall people day in and day out. And for that, I will be forever thankful this summer.”

How has the game of soccer intertwined with your faith?

This beautiful sport has given me the opportunity to experience so much. It has brought me incredible relationships, taught me valuable lessons, and has cultivated my character as a competitive individual. With the connections I have made, I’ve had opportunities to serve and give back to others that love this game just as much as I do. For me, that is a massive component that has brought joy and fulfillment.”

What is your favorite verse?

To be completely honest I don’t have a favorite verse, but I do have a favorite saying:

Life is all about making a difference in people’s lives”.