Three Questions With Arturo Astorga

Arturo Astorga | Midfielder/Defender
El Paso, Texas | Azusa Pacific University Graduate

Who has been your biggest influence in your faith, and how did they influence you?

“I believe many people have influenced my faith, but I have to thank my mom for influencing me and making me a believer since I was young. My mom is the one that has always made our family believers, and it’s because of her we didn’t get lost and have to discover our faith on our own.”

How does your faith intertwine with your soccer career?

“I always prayed for God to help me love the game of soccer and enjoy everything about it. Playing the game really showed me how much players and the sport can influence people. It is a perfect place to express God's gift. It's good to remember that you can influence anyone, whether it's another player or even just a fan of the sport.”

What is your favorite verse?

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength” - Philippians 4:13