A Letter From our Director of Community Development

In April of this year, I accepted the opportunity to serve with Brilla as the Director of Community Development. I learned quickly that being on the Brilla staff meant we all chip in, work hard, and do what it takes to get everything that is needed done and done well. One area of focus that my position has is in the area of fundraising. I must admit, while I have been very familiar with Brilla for two decades, I found this area hard to jump in to with real effectiveness. All that said, with the PDL season behind us and the city’s season in the last half of the season, it is time to think about raising support for the ministry. And I am going to ask for your support. But before I do that, let me share a story with you.

In 1996 Brilla took its first trip to Costa Rica. As expected, we played soccer and we clearly shared the gospel with children, teens, and adults. Just a few months back we had one of the young men that we shared the gospel with on that trip reach out to us and let us know he was saved by Christ because of our efforts and that he is feeling led by God to children through the game of soccer like Brilla has done. We are thrilled to know of this fruit from our efforts 20 years ago. But bring this story to today, we are in prayer and discussion about partnering with him to encourage, equip, and support his work and expand Brilla Global in this way. You have to admit: It is so cool to see what God is doing!

I personally remember asking folks for support when I was planning on taking part on that first trip to Costa Rica. I remember some supporting by giving larger amounts and some just a few dollars. What I do know, is that every dollar, no matter how large or how small, helped me go on that trip, changed my life, and helped bring the gospel to this young man. Who knows just how many lives were changed from those donations 20 years ago?

Well, today I am asking you to prayerfully consider being a monthly supporter. We at Brilla intend to continue to serve in the ways that we do in Clinton, Jackson, and surrounding areas, but we are feeling the call to again minister globally. So we need your support to make this happen.

I am humbly and prayerfully asking you to support us as we continue to expand Brilla and allow us to continue our calling to use the game of soccer to share the gospel of Jesus.

Remember, no donation is too small or insignificant. Thinking back 20 years ago, I do not remember how much my donors gave to help me go on that first mission trip. I just remember their support and encouragement, and I am continually blessed to see Him blessing the ministry.

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James Wells
Director of Community Development
Brilla Soccer Ministries