Mississippi Brilla Juniors Announces Partnership with Flowood Fusion Soccer

Partnership to Expand Youth Soccer Development in Mississippi

Clinton, Miss. - Mississippi Brilla Juniors Football Club is excited to announce the formation of a new partnership with Flowood Fusion Soccer Club for development of youth soccer players in Central Mississippi. 
Based in Clinton, Miss, MS Brilla Juniors and Clinton Football Club have approximately 800 players in the recreational (Division 3), academy (Division 2) and developmental (Division 3) soccer. Operating as a program of the Flowood YMCA, the Fusion Soccer Club has almost 500 registered players in all levels of the program.
Through this unique partnership, players from Flowood and Clinton will benefit from expanded opportunities to develop their skills as soccer players with access to professional coaches, individualized training plans and higher levels of competition in practice and play. Through the sharing of resources and expertise, players from Clinton and Flowood will benefit from the extensive knowledge base and perspective of coaches from around the world and bring a much needed cohesiveness to player development in the metro Jackson area.
In addition to the training opportunities, Flowood YMCA soccer will continue to be operated by the YMCA and will retain the services of a staff member to run the day to day operations of the Flowood program.  The partnership will allow for the addition of a Brilla Juniors staff member at the Flowood location who will oversee the implementation of the Brilla Juniors (Division 1) and Brilla Futures Academy (Division 2) program.  
“I believe this partnership provides a unique opportunity for two organizations with similar missions to bring a consistent approach to player and character development,” stated Justin Roberts, Brilla Technical Director. “Our holistic approach is to not only focus on the development of each players skills and knowledge of soccer, but most importantly to produce leaders prepared to positively impact their community. This partnership is a perfect blend of our spiritual missions.”
Through the partnership with MS Brilla Juniors, the volunteer coaches in the Flowood YMCA recreational league will receive monthly training sessions, weekly team training plans and enhanced certification classes from Brilla’s professional nationally certified coaches.
While the partnership will blend two organizations for training and player development a deliberate effort will be made to keep the unique character of soccer in each city. Teams will continue to be made up players their own city when possible while practices and games will continue to be held at Clinton’s Traceway Park and Flowood’s Liberty Park.
Both organizations will continue to operate under their existing board governance, while deliberately engaging one another to create enhanced opportunities for create the developmentally appropriate soccer opportunities for the participating players.  
Of benefit to each community will be the anticipated economic impact of expanded tournaments and games at each facility. Currently over 120 teams attend Brilla’s Magnolia Cup each fall as well as club play each weekend. The new partnership more than doubles the capacity for teams that brings thousands of players and fans to each city every year.
“I am excited about the potential this partnership has to enhance the development of soccer players in central Mississippi. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and we hope this partnership will only work to enhance the growing popularity of the sport in Mississippi,” Roberts added.
Tryouts for the combined Division 1 soccer program will take place at Clinton’s Traceway Park and Flowood's Liberty Park fromJune 1-9.  All players that participate in tryouts will receive a complimentary ticket to Mississippi Brilla’s Professional Development team match on June 6 at 7 PM.  
For more information about the #fusion2brilla partnership, stay tuned to  brillasoccer.org.