Mississippi Brilla FC Holds Successful Open Tryout

On Saturday, January 24, Brilla’s new coaching staff welcomed over 55 prospective players to tryouts at Arrow Field on the campus of Clinton High School. Newly appointed Brilla Head Coach, Mark McKeever, and his staff led instruction of the players involved. On the day, the coaches were able to observe players from all over the country. Additionally, there was an international feel to the potential playing squad. Many of the guys in attendance were from other countries but play collegiately here in the States. Given the diversity of the group welcomed in, the time on the field was very positive. This led to both some lively and competitive trial soccer.

From the first session of the day, Coach Mark was able to narrow his list of potential playing staff to around 32 players. These 32 players made up the final cut for Brilla’s 2015 open tryout. The afternoon concluded with a full match which our allowed the coaches the chance to observe the participants at full speed. 

Saturday put a cap on what was a very successful first day of the 2015 Mississippi Brilla FC campaign. With the coaching staff ready to hit the ground running, Brilla’s Executive Director, Rusty Bryant, spoke of the positive signs on display during the open tryout period. 

He said, “Tryouts always signal the beginning of the PDL season for us. We know that it is time to hit the ground running now. Seeing all of these interested players only gets us more excited." 

All signs are positive out of Clinton for another successful summer campaign in the PDL for Brilla.